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Move Out Cleaning Suggestions

The following is an aid to assist you. You will be charged for damages and cleaning that are not due to normal wear and tear. What is wear and tear? It has been defined to us as what is left when you take away the dirt and damages.

Some hints for your move:

  • Unless you are an professional we suggest that you do not patch or paint. Using the wrong materials or techniques will cost you more than having an expert do it properly the first time. You will be charged to correct any of your mistakes in patching holes
  • Clean refrigerator, shelves, crisper, and under foot guard. Don’t forget to clean the gaskets.
  • Clean exterior of refrigerator.
  • Clean cupboards, under sink, counter tops, tile, exhaust fan and faucet fixtures.
  • Clean under stove burners, controls and burner rings and drip pans. If the drip pans are very dirty it may be cost effective to replace the pans rather than clean them.
  • Clean oven, be careful oven cleaner does not drip below or on floor. (Do not use oven cleaner on self-cleaning stoves.)
  • Clean and wax floors including under the refrigerator and behind the toilet.
  • Clean air-conditioning and heating unit closet.
  • Baseboards cleaned, and finger marks or other marks cleaned off switches and walls.
  • Window sills cleaned, windows washed, and screens washed or cleaned.
  • Clean the window coverings.
  • Closets cleaned, and clothes hangers removed.
  • Tub, toilet, toilet tank, vanity bowl, and cupboard cleaned. Including removing calcium deposits.
  • Clean chrome fixtures throughout, also exhaust fan.
  • Medicine cabinet wiped and cleaned.
  • Tile cleaned. Clean floor.
  • Clean shower, shower doors and shower door runners. Remove calcium from fixtures and all surfaces.
  • Patios and balconies swept and storage room cleaned out and swept.
  • Replace all burned out or missing light bulbs
  • Yard raked, grass cut, plants trimmed, weeds removed, yard should be debris free.
  • Remove all of your personal items and trash.
  • Refer to your rental agreement regarding carpet cleaning.

This list is for reference only, and is not to be used to limit the amount of cleaning or repairs that may be necessary to return the home to us in clean and rentable condition.