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Moving Suggestions

If using professional movers, get at least three written estimates. If doing it yourself, make a reservation for a truck and make sure your friends know the date that you will need their help.

Clear out the clutter. Why move those things that you no longer need or use? Now is the time to have a yard sale (if your landlord allows it) or to give some things away.

Take all hazardous waste (motor oil, paint, batteries, pest control sprays, toxic chemicals) to the nearest Pima County Hazardous Waste Site. (888-6947)

Don’t stock up on groceries before you move. Use up your stock of food so you don’t have to move it too.

If you have children get copies of their school records. It is easier to get the copies in person than sending for them.

Make a moving survival kit. It may be a day or two until you are settled and the following items can make those few days more pleasant.

Things to put in the kit include: paper towels, toilet paper, sponges, extension cord, packing tape, memo book, marking pen, trash bags, telephone book, soap, plastic silverware, paper plates, snacks, disposable cups.